Introduction: Less Ghetto/diy/crappy Electronic Drumset

yup yup. i made the digital drum kit again, and it's less poopy this time! yay!
i'm not going to go into as much detail on this one because i'm lazy so check out-
if you're confused on anything, or feel free to ask questions

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Step 1: Get Your Stuff! Quick!

ok so you need-

-a drum module. this is the big buy. i got mine used for 150, and supposedly you can get specs to make one on-line but i'm an idiot when it comes to circuitry so i just bought mine. alesis makes a mdi i/o box that's 150 new, and perfect if you're gonna be smart and use your computer wiht superior drummer or whatever. if you need portable sounds i recommend the dm5 because it's cheap.

as many of these items as you want pads. aka 5 pads=5 piezos:

-some mouse pads.

-some piezo transducers from radio shack. #273-073. call ahead, alot of them don't stock many of them

-1/4" jacks, also from radioshack. i don't know the number for those, but they're easy to find and plentiful. GET MONO!


-an exacto knife that you're not particularly fond of

-wire strippers


-a piece of wood. i got some really thin like, particle board stuff for literally 50 cents from the scrap section of home depot. it works great.

-POWER TOOLS! this is a new addition for this version over my old one, but it looks alot better in my opinion. i got my kit for like 100 bucks, and it's junk, but it works.

Step 2: Measure Cut Fun

ok so now you need to figure out what size pads you want, and cut the board to accommodate them. i used my jigsaw, and it came out all right.

it wont let me put notes on my pictures! argh!
so yeah. the particle board puts out mad dust, so i declared a jihad on coughing and sneezing and rocked the ninja shirt.

...and sandals...

because safety first right...?

then cut a piece of 1/1 to match three sides of the beast, and another piece of the particle board that will go the length of the board, and be the same height as the 1x1. it makes sense if you look at the finished project.

Step 3: Glue Drill Whoo!

ok so now i glued all the mouse pads down (after cutting them to size) and glued the 1x1s on.
then i drilled holes through the mouse pads and the particle board. then i glued the piezos down, and ran the wires through the holes. i added some ghetto extensions wires to the leads off the piezos too.

Step 4: So Close to Done

ok so then i drilled holes in the piece of fiber board that goes the length of the beast, and attached the mono jacks, and attached it to the edge of the beast. then i attached the piezo wires and taped everything down.

Step 5: Donezo!

ok so then i glued some pieces of mouse pad on top of the piezos so it was a mouse pad-piezo-mouse pad sandwich. so yeah.
it wouldn't let me embed it, so click it yo!

i actually got an official kick thing because i'm getting pretty serious about digital drums, but i was using a project box with a piezo taped inside and a hole drilled in the side for the mono jack, and it worked fine.