Introduction: Objet Materials

Users can replace an empty cartridge, but may not switch materials.

Understanding the material properties before printing can help reduce expensive waste. There are four cartridges in each printer - two for model material and two for support material.

  • Shop users can replace an empty cartridge.
  • Only Shop Staff can switch materials.

There are a wide variety of materials available.

  • Vero
    • Rigid material, similar to acrylic
    • Colors: Black, White, Clear
  • Tango Black Plus
    • Flexible and rubbery
    • Color: Black
  • Digital ABS
    • Similar to ABS
    • Color: Ivory
  • Endur
    • Slightly softer than Vero, similar to Polypropylene
    • Color: White
  • Medical Clear
    • Rigid material designed for prolonged skin contact. Has specific medically approved uses. See Shop Staff or the Stratasys website for details.
    • Color: Clear

Digital Materials

When two materials are mixed together, Stratasys calls it a digital material.

Vero and Tango can be mixed digitally by using two different cartridges.

  • Vero Black and Vero White can be mixed for rigid grey materials.
  • Tango Black+ and Vero Black can be mixed to create flexible black materials.
  • Tango Black+ and Vero White can be mixed to create flexible grey materials.

Digital ABS cannot be mixed, but is called digital because it requires two cartridges.

Select a Printer

Because material cartridges are changed by Shop Staff, select a printer that has the materials you want. If you need something different, see Shop Staff.

Check the card on top of each printer to see sample of installed materials.

To confirm that the card is correct, open the doors and look at the two cartridges on the right side.