Introduction: Light-changed Band

There are the things we need to prepare. Medal band (50 centimeters), medal wire (more than 5 meters), battery, textile which you like, scissors, little electric light, and needle.

Step 1: ​Sew the Battery and the Light

We first use one wire first connect two negative poles and then connect negative pole of the light.

Step 2: Cut Metal Band to Four Parts

We cut three same short bands and one long band. The length should fit the size of the textile, making them easy to put on it.

Step 3: ​Sew the Short Medal Band With Light

Then, we use one wire to connect G positive pole with one short band, fixing them on the textile.

Step 4: ​Sew the Light With Three Bands

We use another two wires and do the same thing to two short bands. Connecting positive poles, R and B, with bands separately.

Step 5: Finally, Sew the Battery to the Long Medal Band

We cut off a long wire to connect the battery and long medal band. We should start from positive pole of the battery as the picture shows, and connect it with long band. In order to fix the long wire to the textile, we need to sew it as the picture displays.

Step 6: We Finish the Work

We use an accessory band to link the three short bands with long band separately. So, the electric circle is complete, and the different lights are presented!