Introduction: Lighter Shield

Sometimes using a lighter may risk burning the finger if not handled properly.This very simple lighter shield protects the finger and keeps the flame straight even when tilting to light objects

Step 1: Step 1

cut and fold a piece of paper to the size of this.It would be better if the size is slightly bigger for more protection and try to bend the paper to a curve shape...

Step 2: Step 2

wrap the paper with a piece of aluminium foil and tape the ends of the foil at the back.Meaning tape the foil to the paper without exposing the tape and paper to the fire.Which I did not cover properly causing the paper to burn a little.

Step 3: Step 3

stick a toothpick at the back of the folded paper

Step 4: Step 4

stick a very small straw at the side of the lighter as the holder for the shield

Step 5: End Product

slot the shield leg into the holder with the aluminium facing the fire and ligjt with ease!!! The shield is removable and to keep it mobile just slot in the shield leg with the shield facing side.

Step 6: Alternatives

Alternatively you can also fold the sides to contain the fire better and safer.