Introduction: Lightsaber Poolstick

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*this is my first instructables* I Tried to make one for a friend for Christmas let me know what you think...

Step 1: What I Used

Dremel tool with carving bit, wood Cutting wheel, and sanding bit,
60-150 grit sand paper,
Carbon paper,
jigsaw, bandsaw
Craft paint red and black,
Most importantly wood!

Step 2: Making Sure the Board Is Straight

I used the planer to get the board even on all sides.. I believe it was roughly 1 1/2"

Step 3: Drawing Design Onto Wood

Use the carbon paper to trace the design onto your piece of wood at one end

Step 4: Rounding What You Can

use the dremel tool with the sanding bit to round the area in between the design.. also I used a cutting bit to cut the groves in the handle on all 4 sides

Step 5: Cutting Out the Details

with the dremel tool use a wood cutting wheel and cut out around the design for the details of your piece

Step 6: Draw Your Line for the Stick Part

you will want to begin the line as close to the base of the hilt as possible, then gradually bring them together to where the two lines are roughly 1/2" apart... might want to make lines a little big for messups..

Step 7: CUT the Lines

next you want to cut the lines out with a jigsaw or bandsaw

Step 8: Sanding

this part is tricky, ( I don't have pictures of this process and I am sorry for that) I rounded the center part and left it slightly bigger than the area around it... I cut the two places that were sticking out down to just the middle section, then rounded the area around it to match the rest

Step 9: Button Detail

I then sanded down with the dremel tool to make the buttons and sight. I also carved out the two prong charging port.

Step 10: CUT/SAND the Stick Smaller Than the Hilt

I took the dremel tool with a carving bit and cut into the design and down the stick a ways

Step 11: More Sanding

I took 60 grit sandpaper and rounded the stick part... you can use a belt sander which would be quicker

Step 12: Painting

I used a metallic silver spray paint from Lowe's, and I used a black rubber spray also sold at Lowe's... I had some craft paint in black and red.. which I used for the buttons and the inside of the two prong charger. I taped up the stick part and the handle grips, then I sprayed the hilt with the silver paint. once dried I unwrapped and sprayed the handle with the rubber folowing the directions on the can...once that dried I re taped the stick and touched up any silver.. after all paint and rubber has fully dried I painted the red on the buttons that are on the top and bottom of the stick

Step 13: Put the Tip On

I sanded the tip down just enough to slide the tip on and glued it

Step 14: Apply Linseed Oil to Stick

once everything has dried and the glue has set I put linseed oil just on the stick part.

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