Introduction: Lipstick Waterproof Survival Kit

simple pocket sized water proof survival kit from a lipstick.

Step 1: What You Need:

you will need only:
an old lipstick
an alcohol prep

a pair of scissors
some electrical tape/duct tape
old tooth brush

Step 2: Washing the Lipstick

get all the junk inside the lipstick out using your hand and the old tooth brush, and then take your old tooth brush and some soup and brush the inside of it with some soup.

Step 3: Put Everything Inside

take the plaster and the alcohol prep and make it as small as you can. then push it in inside , you can also use the tooth brush to push it in.

Step 4: Making the Kit Waterproof

now take some electrical tape or duct tape and put a piece of it on the opening of the lipstick, and push it gently so that it will be tight. and there you have a small waterproof survival kit.

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