Little Bits Bugs

Introduction: Little Bits Bugs

Fun, buzzing, bugs.

Warning: may cause annoyance to other members of household.

little bits pieces;
p1 power
i5 slide dimmer
o6 buzzer
i16 pulse
o11 servo
screw driver

Craft materials;
bright pens
tape or blue tack

Step 1: Assemble Circuit

Assemble little bits in following order; power, slide dimer, buzzer, pulse, servo.
See picture.

Step 2: Adjustments

Test circuit, use screw driver to turn pulse to highest speed, put servo on turn mode.

Step 3: Make Wings

Cut out bug shaped wings and color with bright marker pens.
Use sticky tape to attach wigs to servo.

Feel free to print these wings. Alternatively you can tape on a pair of leaves.

Step 4: Use

Turn on at power and use slider to adjust buzzing and noise. Slide the slider up and down for mosquito like noise or slide to one third for a fly like drone.

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    4 years ago

    Cool! Me and my friends are doing it