Introduction: Little Controll Box

hello, this is a little project I've been wanting to do for a while, turned out good enough i decided to make a little instructable about it it can be used for plotters robots or other things, i mostly use it for prototyping and hot wiring

Step 1: Why

the idea came to me while i was taking apart a printer, one of the things i like to do when i take things apart is hot wire the motors or lights or whatever and play with it before completely salvaging the parts, trouble is if your playing with dc motors you have to flip the wires every time you switch direction

Step 2: The Circut

sorry its a little crowded, this uses 2 DPDT switches but you can have as may as you want, i left a spot for expansion on mine

Step 3: Assembly

i found an old project box, a bus bar and a few other things in my scrap box, the only thing i had to buy were the switches

Step 4: That's It

ok that finishes another one, be safe have fun