Introduction: LittleBits Easy Yarn Bracelets

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I just recently got myself a littleBits kit and liked it so much I bought a couple more must have pieces to add to my collection.  What I love is the ease of use in which I was able to get my creative juices flowing. This was the first creative idea I got: how to make an easy yarn bracelet. 
I love this style of bracelet because it's easy to make so I can color coordinate with my closet.  And if you're into sports or have school spirit, you can sport those too.  I also like that these bracelets have no latex, something I am allergic to.

Step 1: What You Need

It's a pretty easy list of supplies. 

littleBits materials:  A1  9v battery, A2 battery cable, P1 power, and O13 fan

Other materials: Yarn, scissors, and scotch tape

Step 2: Making the Bracelets

Yay, now on to the fun part. Setting up the littleBits is a breeze.
1. Just hook up the battery, power cord, power, and fan from left to right as shown. You can't make a mistake because aside from the battery and power cord, the bits link by magnet in only one correct way.

2. Tape a piece of yarn about 20-24 inches in length to the center of the fan unit.

3. Hold firmly to the other open end with one hand and hit the power switch on with the other hand. It's pretty neat to watch the yarn spin.

4. Once it stops spinning, quickly turn off the power.

5. Take the yarn off the fan and join that end with the other end in one hand.

6. Run your finger through to the middle with the other hand and let go. The yarn will twist together.

7. Look for the middle and create a loop in which you will string one of the yarn end through.

8. Tie the ends together in a double-knot.

9. Cut off excess with scissors.

It's a pretty easy and simple way to make a beautiful yarn bracelet. You can also use 2-4 yarns to create a thicker, and multi colored bracelet. Just remember to add 2-4 inches of yarn length for each additional yarn added to ensure the bracelet is long enough.

In the video I make it with 2 different yarn colors.

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