Introduction: LittleBits of Romance

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I just got my littleBits in but I love them because they are a lot of fun to tinker with. Valentine's Day kind of confines love to only one day but I really think it should be celebrated daily. And if you want to make it special, then this is the perfect way to enhance the romantic mood. This instructable has 3 components to it but it's not that difficult to make. This included an "I heart U" flashing sign, spinning fluttering heart, and a spinning rose.

I have included lots of pictures as well as a VIDEO to show it all.

Step 1: Materials

You will need littleBits:
9v battery
Battery cable
Power bit
DC motor bit
Fan bit
Wire bit
Pulse bit
mini screwdriver

You will need other materials:
Red construction paper
Poster board paper
Scotch tape
Red duct tape
Green duct tape
Lollipop/ Cake pop stick
Permanent Marker

Step 2: "I Heart U" Flashing Sign

1. Use mini screwdriver to set the pulse to flash to desire speed.  Mine is set somewhere in the middle. 
2. Set RBG LED bit so only the red light is flashing by maximum input and the green and blue are completely off.
3. Cut a small piece of red construction paper so that it fits slightly wider than the RGB LED bit on the top and bottom and perfectly to the sides.
4. Fold red paper in half and cut out half the I, heart and U so that when it opens, it'll look correctly.
5.  Connect the two bits and attach with tape the sign to the RGB LED bit.

Step 3: Spinning Fluttering Heart

1. Cut a small piece of the poster board into the shape of a heart with wings.  Make sure to clip a bit off the bottom where the V of the heart is typically.  Size is roughly 3 inches wide by 2.5 tall.
2. Break the ends off a toothpick to add to the center of the heart.
3.  Using red duct tape, cover  the front and back of the heart. and trim as necessary to create the heart look.
4. Using scotch tape, attach the heart to the center of the fan bit.

Step 4: Spinning Rose

What's better than a rose?  How about a spinning one.
1. Cut a small piece of duct tape to cover one end of the cakepop stick.
2. Cut out 14 strips of red duct tape about 2 inches long.
3.  As shown in picture 2 fold the top corners down and together so they align.  Cut the top off in a slight curve. Do this with all 14 strips.
4.  Assemble the red duct tape rose petals on to the stick.  My trick for making a nice rose is to do layers of 2, 3, 4,  and 5 pedals.  With each additional layer, lower the petals slightly so the top of the petals are cascading down progressively.
5. Cut a strip of green duct tape about 6 inches long.  Cut one end jagged and cover the cakepop stick and the white rotating part of the bit.
6. Cut a 3 inch piece of green duct tape and fold it down on itself but still allowing about .5 inch to show the sticky.  Cut the green cover portion into a leaf shape.  Add jagged edges using scissors.
7.  Attach leaf to stem.

Step 5: Connecting the Pieces

We're almost done.
1. Connect the pieces in left to right: battery, cord, power bit, rotating bit, fan bit, wire bit, pulse bit, and RGB LED bit.
2. Find a nice place to set the bits. It's preferable to be closer to the wall so the I heart U sign will flash nicely.
3. And now power it on to be amazed and set the mood for romance. :-)

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