Introduction: My Warehouse Loading Dock, Heated Pool Conversion.

never planed on instructableing this so the pics are a bit limited..
i would say this sort of project is something that can be accomplished in a few days 
basic understanding of pool plumbing and carpentry is necessary..

concept came after a long rain filled our warehouse loading with black dirty mosquito water..  realizing that it held water we thought what if we filtered it?  turns out what you get is the coolest project ive ever attempted..

Step 1: Clean Clean Clean Then Surface

can not underestimate how good you must clean the cement as paints epoxys etc.. will eventually peel leaving a ugly surface..we have surfaced the bottom 3 times now with progressively more expencive products.  filling every crack is essential. we ended up using cement crack filler from home depot. 

retaining wall
near the sidewalk we            built a 1 cinder block tall wall filled with cement then covered with a ton resin.... and it leaked ... we ended up filling the entire area behind it with cement    ...    id suggest having a cement retaining wall pored at the front of the deck under the deck is not cool.. adding some sort of pump back there would be good, as water will collect there..                       

Step 2: Build a Deck.. Add Plumbing

this was actually pretty easy as you can drill a header off all walls  we water sealed all the boards and ran all the pluming under the deck into the room on the left..  the inlet is at the lowest point and near the water line the outlets are along side the walkway to the left  

add a pool heater an underwater 500 watt pool light and let the hose run

Step 3:

add some plants, a sauna, 70's fire place and you have a downtown paradise.. try not to mind the passing big rigs and freight trains..

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