Introduction: Lotus Flower

Step 1:

2 green paper
4 white paper

Step 2:

1) Cut it in the middle
2) Fold in the middle and open it
3) Fold it in the edges
4) Fold both sides
5) Fold in the middle again
6) One modul is ready

Step 3:

1) Make 4 green moduls and 8 white moduls
2) Put green modul into the white modul and put it into the second white modul
3) Make 4 details

Step 4:

tie up 4 details

Step 5:

1) Evert the first layer "Make first petal" 
2) Evert the petals after one (don't evert every second petal)
3) Follow to evert layer (not turned inside out before)
4) When you get to the green layer, don't evert them fully (about green layer)
5) Your flower is completed