Introduction: Lumigami

This is an origami tessellation with LEDs behind it. In this instructable you find how to fold it. 

Step 1: Making the Pattern

The pattern can be redrawn in Rhino, Illustrator or another program that does vector lines. Make one segment and copy them as many times in the desired direction. Make hairlines, so you can cut them with a lasercutter

Step 2: Select Paper

Use paper that is not too thick, otherwise it is hard to fold (see picture). If the paper is too thin or too soft it will easily break or fall apart.

Step 3: Creasing and Folding

Cut the pattern on the laser cutter. On the laser cutter in Fablab Amsterdam I used 90 speed and 10 power, just to make thin crease lines. First pre-crease all the dashed lines a couple of times in one direction, then the full lines in the other direction. do this many times before pressing the pattern together.  if you are really patient your pattern should look like this in the end. 

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