Machine Embroidery for a Baby's Bib




Introduction: Machine Embroidery for a Baby's Bib

I bought these bibs at IKEA. I like the crispness of them  (the white with the brilliant edging) and the price. However my 'old school' sewing/embroidery machine ate a hole in the bib when I tried to put a design on it. I was bummed and put them away in a wad in the unfinished projects drawer.
But then! I took the class at the Tech Shop on how to use their very nice (and dedicated) embroidery machine. So I excavated the bibs to see if this machine would be kinder and gentler.

Step 1:

I decided that since these bibs are very stretchy I would use a cut away stabilizer. It's a bib so leaving behind a little stabilizer is no big deal. I put the stabilizer down on the hoop, then the bib and THEN a water soluble stabilizer on top - since this has a bit of a terry cloth nap to it and like I said, it is very stretchy and I hoped this would help keep it still in the hoop and give the machine a smooth top to glide over.

Step 2:

I chose a design from the preloaded designs on the machine And I did a test run with the bib that got eaten by my machine first. It worked beautifully. SO I put in another bib, made my color selection - most of the thread I got from the communal box given out by the Tech Shop

Step 3:

the machine did its thing and I rotated the thread when it directed

Step 4:

I snipped the threads and cut away most of the stabilizer and now the bib has something cute to look at aside from the stains which I am sure are forthcoming.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really like your tutorial, I learned how a bib gets embroidered. I just have a quick suggestion for the closure. Use snap buttons than the velcro. Snap buttons are better in securing that the bib doesn't come off easily.