Introduction: Mains Operated 25nos. Led Lamp

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This is a 25 nos Led  operated from mains of 230v supply. I bought a flourscent lamp adapter from a scrap dealer, because its easy to dismantle (a screw in the middle of the fitting) instead of cutting etc.,.the beautiful thing is, in many homes we find damaged, burnt out CFL, adapters etc., where we actually have no use, hence with few components readily available in the market and a hour on a sunday afternoon, you should be able to put these components together.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagram to that would make your work easier

Step 2: Components Required

Components that you would require for this project:
-1 no. Polyester Capacitor 0.22mfd 400v
-1 no. 1M 0.25 watt resistor.
-1 no. 22 ohms 0.5 watt resistor
-4 nos. Diode 1N4007
-25 nos. LED white colour 5mm.
-Small perforated board for fixing the components on to it and that which would fit your CFL enclosure.
-2 mm PVC sheet cut in round that it would fit to the size of your CFL.
-Any CFL bulb or Adapter for this project. (CFL adapter is shown in the photo below) its is easy to dismantle the screw/fastener in the middle of the CFL)
-some wire for soldering.

Tools that you would require for this project.
-Drilling machine with 5mm drill
-Jigsaw for blade for trimming the perforated board and PVC sheet.
-Sand paper for smotthing the edges.
-Flat screw driver if your using a CFL adapter

Step 3: Dismantling the CFL Enclosure

The Screw/fastener in the middle of the CFL to be removed with the help of a screw driver for removing the existing pcb and top cover.

Step 4: Fitting of Leds on the PVC Sheet

Cut the PVC sheet using a Jig saw that it matches with the enclosure and drill 25 nos. 5mm holes on the PVC sheet using drilling machine to your choice and pattern. just slide the LEDs and solder + to _ in series

Step 5: Solder Components to Perforated Board

Solder the components on to the perforated board and the two wires protruding from within the CFL (AC mains wires) to be soldered to the Perforated board to the AC junction 

The other two wires to be soldred to the positive and negative terminals from the diode to the led positive and negative points.

Once the components are soldered and the wire in place, put back the everything and witha little quick fix, few drops on eithe side to put the top cove in place and your project is ready for checking.

Step 6: Testing

Take a socket with two wires connected to the socket and fix your led project into this socket as shown,
plug the two wires into AC OUTLET OF 230 volts, if you have wired as per instructions, then your LED project should light up.

Step 7: LED Light at Night

All the best.