Introduction: Make a E-bow Variant

Here I'm showing how to make a Ebow or some thing that works like that

After getting bored of searching over inter net i got this

thin making according to schematic it didn't worked(as some parts were no where to find)

so after experimenting with the circuit i come with this

though i need a cover/body for it.

Step 1: Things I Used

things i used
1) op amp LM386
2) 10 uF cap X 2 
3) 100uF cap
4) 220uF cap
5) .473 uF cap
6) 9V battery + battery plug(or clip or any thing to connect battery)
& 7) most important induction coils that are customized X2 (i obtained them from old CFLs inductances)

Step 2: Making It

it can be made according to the given schematics try to keep all objects closer to op amp chip

Step 3:

as for the coils it can be customized as 

(rest is same as in circuit diagram)