Introduction: Impression of Low Cost, Very Easy and Great Results

make your Instructables with style and safety
you can use this method to make t-shirts

Step 1: Necessary Material

an overall
textile pens

Step 2: Preparing the Monitor

remove the monitor stand
remove the monitor stand and turn it as the image

Step 3: Configure the Monitor to the Position

I have windows 8 but is equal to the 7
turn on the pc
go to the desktop
click the right button of your mouse
select screen resolution
select the right monitor
and choose portrait in the orientation

Step 4: Image

the more better resolution
open with the image viewer
increase it until you have the size you want

Step 5: Print

place the overall on the monitor
bordering the entire drawing with the black pen
if you like you can leave only the outlines
Paint according to the Instructables robot
in the final pass the iron to fix the colors

Step 6: !!DONE!!