Introduction: A Tablet Stand With LED Strip Light and PAM8403 Amplifier

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First of all this is my first this is not a serious creation, one may expect and also please forgive me of my grammatical errors. To start with… I am somehow addicted to reading before sleeping at nights, and my favorite device is my tablet, firstly, I start with news and then continue reading my favorite books, but the problem was sometimes I was so sleepy that there was the danger of falling down my tablet from the bed with disastrous consequences ,therefore I decided to make a rugged stand that can hold the tablet and somehow being self‐sufficient i.e. have its own LED lighting and a small compartment for LCD cleaning cloth and batteries from laptop and headphone etc, then I thought if I want to share a song or a clip the volume of the voice tablet is not enough so I've added an amplifier to it and made its sound pretty high. the price of a small stand is nearly $ 30 but this complicated! Stand is just cost me a few dollars, and I used stuffs I had around on my desk.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- pieces of polycarbonate sheet: 28 × 24 cm, 15 × 5 cm, 12 × 12 cm, 14 × 14 cm, 2 triangles each 12 × 8 cm

- Plastic book binder 9 cm

- Electric duct 90 cm

- 2 Small rocker switches

- LED strip – 037 –white color- 12 V , 15 cm

- PAM8403 Amplifier

- Two 8 Ohm, 1 W speakers

- A 7805 IC voltage regulator

- An audio male jack

- Two capacitors 100 uF

- Computer casing Screw and nut and a plastic cover and two small screws

- Sling Bag handle 30 cm

- A piece of perforated board

-Enough Wires

-Four Lithium-Ion batteries taken from a discarded laptop battery pack which are connected in series to produce 12 V

- A charging female jack

Step 2: Tools

- Cutter

- Solder

- Soldering iron

- glue

- Small drill

- Wire cutter

Step 3: How to Make It

Cut the pieces of polycarbonate as mentioned above

- Use glue to stick all pieces together

- Make holes for handle and nut

- Prepare LED with wires soldered to it

- Fix LED strip in the appropriate pace as shown

- Use a battery and attach its terminals

-Now take the PAM8403 and solder its terminals as follows:

- Left speaker + wire should be soldered to the + mark of left speaker on the PAM board

- Right speaker + wire should be soldered to the + mark of Right speaker on the PAM board

- Two wires should be soldered to 5 V terminals of PAM board and the other sides of them to 5 V terminals of the perfboard

- The audio jack ends should be soldered to L, G, R of the PAM board

- A rocker switch should be used to on-off the PAM8403 amplifier when it is going to be used

- A rocker switch for on-off of LED

- To protect speakers a cloth is used to cover them and I've used some kind of art works! to make it looks like a cat (my favorite pet)