Introduction: Make a Toilet Paper Boat Not for Sailing

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This instructable will show you how to toilet paper boat. sorry you can not sail it. this is my first instructable so please put positive comments.

what you need:
1 sheet of coloured paper
3-4 toilet paper roles (emtey)
masking tape(normal tape will not work)
lolly stick
if you want to colour it use paint and all the other stuff for painting

Step 1: Wrap

wrap the masking tape around the toilet paper tubes until they are flat and secure.

Step 2: Flag

put the glue on the ice cream stick and cut out the shape you want from the paper and then stick it on.

Step 3: Put the Flag On

make a small hole in the masking tape and put the flag in

Step 4: Voila!

you have done it. now you can paint it.

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