Introduction: Make a Wand Launcher Out of a Nerf Maverick Rev-6

change your old maverick into
something hilarious
•you will need
•screw driver
•play fairy wand (or real one :D)
•nerf maverick rev-6
•exacto knife or box knife

I came up with this in 10 minutes. it took me. 15 - 30 minutes of trial and error with this. warning: this gun is very in reliable and iffy. ive gotten it to go a yard or so and another fall straight out of the barrel.

Step 1: Unscrew Screws

take out all screws and put them in a pile so you don't loose them. you will need them

Step 2: Open Up.

it should look like this on the inside.

Step 3: Take Out Barrel

name says it all.
just pop it out.

Step 4: Carve Barrel Thingy

take exacto knife and widen the divets a little bit.

Step 5: Change the Plunger.

the plunger should look like this first (pic1)
move it out of the river so the whole thing slides when moved/cocked (pic2)

Step 6: Put Tape on the Plunger Mouth

name says it all. you may need to remove the plunger to do so. just put it back in correctly. use scissors to cut.

Step 7: Put Tape on the Barrel Thingy.

use scissors and tape again.

Step 8: Put It All Back Together.

screws go back into places and every thing else

Step 9: Finishing Touches

put some tape around the hole with the plunger like in pic 1.

Step 10: Fire!!!!!

you might need to pull back cocker fast and hard to get it to work.
Have fun!
add barrel through from plunger to barrel thing.

Thanks for reading!
this is my first instructables so don't judge