Make Android Sync Dock From Old Palm Dock




Introduction: Make Android Sync Dock From Old Palm Dock

hello this is my first instructable, i hope you like it.

i found this 2001 PALM dock, wich was used to sync it with your windows ME machine, wich is now useless since smartphones killed pocket pcs. i was going to buy an android dock anyway, so i decided to make my own, which would work with my cellphone (moto G) and my tablet (galaxy tab 3 7.0) and it works perfectly.

Step 1: Dissasamble the Dock

it had some star screws, i used a special screwdriver for it

i took everything out, and made the cable fit in there, by vutting little portions of plastic from the cable and the dock

Step 2: Reasamble It

i carefully glued the cable to the dock with hot glue, so it was strong enough to hold it, and placed everything back together.

Step 3: Enjoy!

i waited untill the hot glue was cold, and used it, it works great! i saved myself about 4 dollars! and im proud of it.

Step 4:

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