Introduction: Make Crystal Clear Ice!

in this instructable I will show you how to make crystal cear ice without any special equipment! it is super easy! you will be surprised!

Step 1: Use Filtered Water!

the filtered water is much more pure and clean!
one of the things that causes the cloudiness of the ice is dust and
extra minerals in the water - the filtered water is much better for our clear ice!

Step 2: The Main Step! - Boiling the Water!

this is very simple but very effective!
- Boil the water , and than let it cool.
- after it is cool , boil the water again!
- this is it! you are done !
explanation :
the double boiling eliminates dissolved air in the water and decomposes minerals in the water ! dissolved air + minerals +dust
are the causing of the cloudy look!

Step 3: Results !

this is the difference between regular ice (cloudy) and the crystal clear ice- after following the process!

I hope you find this instructable useful and fun!

enjoy your crystal clear ice!