Make You Own Video Cable for Nokia Phones

Introduction: Make You Own Video Cable for Nokia Phones

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It is easy to make and it is also a very cheap project.

why you should buy AV cable for your nokia mobile if you make it very cheaper (1$)`~~60 inr.

To make this cord all you need is:

RCA cables (red, white, yellow), old nokia 3.5mm (4 pin ) headset cable, some tape and scissor.

Step 1: Now Make It

Follow the circuit diagram to make it.

Step 2: Some Thing to Remember

the mic of 3.5 mm nokia head set contain video signals.
and other two contain audio signals.

and the wire that is golden in colour are nutral..
"HOPE you Enjoy iT".

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    7 years ago

    Nice project.,hoping you could upload some pictures of this cable hack attached on a Nokia phone & monitor you used with it.

    Wow this so clever and a huge money saver. I definitely have some of the old cables lying around and this is a much better use from them! Welcome to instrucables!