Introduction: Makey Makey Background

  • The makey makey is a circuit board that you plug into a computer, while the other side has a varying amount of connection wires. Any item that conducts electricity can be used with the makey makey to create a controller for online video games as well as any instrument that has a sound program online .There are many variations in sound programs online so many different sounds can be incorporated into the project you are working on.

Step 1: Setting Up

First we start out with the makey makey kit which includes the main circuit board , the main chord for the computer connection , and the many assorted aligator clips that hook into the circuit board.

Step 2: Connecting the Makey Makey to the Computer.

Before you can even operate the makey makey you must find a program that will work well with your project. There are multiple sound programs for the makey makey including piano, guitar, drums, and the odd ones like a human scream. When you find the proper program hook up the circuit board to the computer and then the alligator clips to the circuit board.

Step 3: Construction

Next step is building our idea, which happens to be a simulated guitar. We plan on using a card board cutout as the base. Our materials will include Cardboard, wood, wood glue+ super glue, duck tape, nails, an exacto knife, and metal twine.

Step 4: The Cutting of the Cardboard.

This step we cut out a rough shape of a child's guitar using an exact knife. We were originally going to just cut two pieces of cardboard but we messed up in the gluing process and ended up doubling up on both sides .

Step 5: Introducing the Wood

After we cut out the cardboard, we put wood panels in the middle to reinforce the makey makey guitar. We had to cut down the wood so it could fit the guitar shape. After we used wood glue and super glue to attach the wood to the cardboard. Then the glue dried we covered the guitar with duck tape to make it look more professional.

Step 6: Putting on the Strings

It was a new day and we started to attach the strings. we tried to use staples to secure the strings but it didn't reinforce the strings good enough. Then we put nails into the wood to use them as outputs. we warped the strings around the nails, making them tight and secure.

Step 7: