Introduction: Making a GBC Run With a PSP Battery

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this is a my first instructable, on how to make a nintendo gameboy color run on a playstation portable battery.
i made this, because i did it when my AAs ran out of juice, i havent found any other tutorial on how to do this, so 
hopefully its fairly original! Try at your own risk, if you break anything im not responsible etc... etc...
now lets begin!

Step 1: The Stuffs

you need to have a gameboy, a psp battery, two pieces of  wire
(long enough to reach where you want the battery), and a thin tool.
you could also use solder if you want it to be permanent.

Step 2: Stripping, Tucking, and Twisting

first, strip the tips on both ends of your wires, you dont need much stripped, 1/4 in. will do just fine.
ball up the end of one of the wires and tuck it in between the plastic and the metal with the + near it.
after that, you need to get the other wire and wrap/solder it to the spring next to the -.
on mine i tied a loose knot in the - wire to remember which it was, because i didnt use different colors.

Step 3: Slippin' 'em Through

now that you have your wires in the gameboy, you need to feed them through the little slit in the battery cover,
so the battery cover will shut, and your wires are on the outside.

Step 4: Finding the Charge

once the wires are on the outside of your gameboy, it is time to put them into the slots on the psp battery,
with the slots on the left and the openings facing you, the opening on the far left is where you put the wire that is not 
on the spring, and the one that is on the spring goes on the far right. we do not use the middle slot.

Step 5: Securing Your Work

once the wires are in the battery, its time for tape, i taped mine up above the battery slot, but you can put it where ever you like.
i hope this works for you, and thanks for reading!!! challenge

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