Introduction: Making a Buster Sword Without Wood

 I see a I've been seeing a lot of tutorials of buster swords but they all require wood and i do not want to make one with wood so i thought of layering up cardboard to make one

Step 1: Materials

 for this easy and cheap build you will need 

-about a foot of pvc piping or any handle of your choice that you can cut
-mask en tape
-hot glue
-yarn or string (optional)

-something to cut your handle with
-hot glue gun

Step 2: Draw and Cut

 the first step is to draw the main shape of the buster sword on to card board about four times then cut them all out.

while your at it cut a slit in your pvc to fit the layers of cardboard

Step 3: Glue and Tape

 now glue your layers together the glue the handle to the bottom of the sword

tape around the corrugation of the sword so that it doesn't look like krap

(tip tape the handle down as well as glueing)

Step 4: Done... Almost

 now youre 20 minute buster sword is almost done just give it a cool paint job and if you want put string around the handle

Step 5: Now You Are Done

 this buster sword is pretty tought so go have fun with it and if it breaks just make another one heck scince its only like 1 dollar each you might as well make seven more

p.s while its drying you can have some soda