How to Make a Dc Motor Gearbox Became Servo Motor

Introduction: How to Make a Dc Motor Gearbox Became Servo Motor

About: Im Eric Dirgahayu , im a robot maker at diy project

using a cheap servo is the best choice to make small projects, but the bad quality of gear, easily damaged. Do not quickly make a decision to dispose of the damaged servo, you should see this tutorial first. :)

Step 1: What You Need

If you have damaged servo on the gear mechanism, and you still need it, but don't want to spend a lot of money . This is what you need :

  1. Plastic dc motor gearbox good tors, price only $1.87
  2. super glue
  3. electro tool

Step 2: Remove the Electronic Modules

  • remove the electronic modules (motor driver) from the case broken servo.
  • on Potentiometers , cut the handle grip of potentiometer .(look to the picture no.2)

Step 3: Replacement the Potentiometer to Gearbox Shaft

  • unplug the plastic adafter shaft on the back side of the gearbox
  • make a hole right in the middle of the handle grip of potentiometer is in pieces last. make a hole the same size as the gearbox shafts
  • plug the potentiometer to the shaft gearbox, give a little super glue, make sure the glue holding a potentiometer to the gearbox shaft.
  • use a plastic plate size 1cm x 5cm (im using a PVC plastic pipe), with a hot fire flame to forming the plastik to a shape like a pic no.6
  • plug the plastik to the gearbox, holding the potentiometer on gearbox, use a little super glue. make sure the plastic stick to strong and withstand potentiometer in place.

Step 4: Soldering a Motor Output

  • solder the wires to the motor output of motor driver circuit.
  • output (+) on circuit to (+) motor input and output (-) circuit to (-)motor input.
  • plug the circuit to the gearbox body use tie band or give a little glue gun.

this the tutorial on video :

link :

Step 5: Test and Finish (enjoy the Project :)

  • Test your new servo using RX/TX remote control or any microcontroller. if not work look back to a line wiring or check a circuit motor driver.
  • Now you have unique servo with good tors and more powerfull.

this example robot using this servo gearbox :

(for more lowcost project video coming soon on Instructables)

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    Aye Chan
    Aye Chan

    6 years ago

    Can it rotate 360 degrees and control the motor shaft position?

    eric dirgahayu
    eric dirgahayu

    Reply 6 years ago

    is can if the use a 360 degre servo motor driver , if using a driver standart servo like i use in a project is can't


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I gave a comment to all your Instructables, because I think all your work is amazing!! good job. just love it!!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks dude! I have many broken servo, now I know what I must do it!!