Introduction: Making a Sandsculpture With the Help of a Computer and a Cnc Machine

in winterswijk (the Netherlands ) is a sandsculpting exhibition !
i have to make the city hall and the famus  Windmill De Bataaf.
for now ill show how I did the citty hall step by step!

First I was looking for some pictures of the city hall to reconstruct it in simple shapes within Rhino.
than I simplefied the shapes because its gonna be made in sand! the more basic the better!

Step 1: Making a 3d File

For reconstruction and mesurements I made a 3d model,
so i can messure all the molds ill need for the sandsculpture!
and also printout  some extra information wich I can use on the site.

Step 2: Gcodes

after all the 3d work is done I create a G code for the cnc machine to rout out the molds, like one for the tower and the windows stairs etc

Step 3: Transfer

Now I create a basic model in sand. Just like a rectangle box for the tower etc.
Next. I take the molds and place them on the basic shapes. now it's easy to follow the contours of the molds.
and so on. If you want you can spend more time to create more molds or just sculpt on the surface to create stone texture or wood etc.

Step 4: Final Step

In this step I put the last details on the building like the round windows  stairs and other decorations.
also there is a final result.

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