Introduction: Masking Shoes

I have made a shoes out of masking tape! I thought it would be awesome to make a shoe out of a unusual item so i used masking tape!!

Step 1: Materials

materials needed:
~ a small peice of styrofoam ( big enough to fit your foot)
~ a  roll of masking tape
~ a x-acto knife
~ a pencil
~ a box to cut the styrofoam in
~ another shoe to use as a guide
~ markers to decorate

Step 2: Cut the Base

First you'll need to cut a base. The base will start your shoe.

i sugest putting the styrofoam in the box while you cut so that all the mess is left in the box and not on your floor. Styrofoam is messy, but not hard to clean up so it is up to you if you would like to use a box.

Lay your styrofoam peice inside of the box.  Lay your normal shoe on top of the styrofoam. i used a pencil to trace the shoe shape onto the styrofoam, but a pen or sharpie may work better. After you have traced the shape onto the styrofaom use your x-acto knife to cut out the shape.

Step 3: Wrap Base in Tape

Take your newly cut peice of styrofoam now shaped like a foot and start to wrap it in masking tape.  Make sure you wrap every peice in tape. i wrapped mine several times to make sure it was wrapped all over. Try to keep the tape as flat as you can, this is the bottom of the shoe and you will see it in the final product.

Step 4: Build Up Sides

now you have to start building up the sides of the shoe. take tape and place to peices of tape of the same size together. now neither of the sides is sticky. you can tape these peice to the side of the base. tape more and more up to build the sides higher.

Step 5: The Front of the Shoe

when you build up the sides the front will look just like the rest of the sides, but the front of the shoe is rounded. to round the toe place tape sideways bending down the tape that was already there. doing this several times will insure a rounded toe.

Step 6: More Sides

looking at your sample shoe build the sides to match.  by angling the tape peices you can make the raises and drops in the side. all shoes are different so its all you for this step.
but i have pictures of mine to show you.

Step 7: Tounge

to make the tounge of the shoe i layered a bunce of stripes on top of each other. Then i placed the tounge inside the shoe. i then taped down the tounge from the inside.

you may also use your x-acto knife to poke holes in the side were a shoelace would go.

Step 8: Decorating!

now its up to you to decorate your shoe how every you would like to. i used sharpies to color my shoe. i added texture and shape and color and lines. have fun and do what ever you want to!!