Introduction: Mcpe Prison

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Here is how to make a mcpe prison in creative mode!

Step 1: Main

First off make a MASSIVE area for the cells to be this should cover a large area i personally made it 27 blocks wide, 29 blocks long and 14 blocks high

Step 2: Interior

Make the interior but remember to make 2 floors for cells. The ceiling for the first floor must be 6 blocks high and the ceiling must only cover 18 blocks make sure the ceiling covers the side your going to put the kitchen and showers.You now have room for 8 cells!
Make the roof out of fences or iron bars!

Step 3: Kitchen and Showers

Go back outside and add and extension that will be 10 blocks long and 6 blocks high! Now you have room for a kitchen and showers


have stairs leading up to the top cells and have a door leading to the roof of the kitchen and showers. Now put a wall around the roof of the kitchen/showers and put cobwebs on the wall this will look like barbed wire. Have a ladder leading up to the cell area roof and make a platform to get out

Step 5: Freedom

Make a boat of a skybase and make parkour so it's more challenging to win!

Step 6: End

I really hope this helped if you have any questions post a comment remember to follow for daily minecraft pe instructables!