Introduction: Mega Men Costume

this is a mega man costume built out of easy parts and wont cost you a lot i hope you find my instructions helpful :)

Step 1: Get Your Materials

  1. Get a 36 inch x 48 inch cardboard
  2. Get True Glow Acrylic paint in blue
  3. Scissors
  4. Gloves
  5. if possible get a light blue skin suit
  6. hot glue gun
  7. And creativity & fun!
  8. blue underware

Step 2: Helmet

for the helmet my partner and i cut a basketball in the shape of megamen's helmet then we painted it with blue paint we then added a a cut cardboard piece like megamen's helmet and pained that piece too.paint the whole helment blue then the two pices that gose on top on the helment light blue.

Step 3: Arm Gaulet

for the arm get a big cartboard piece and measure the size of your arm and cut it and then wrap it around your arm and for the next step either glue, staple, or hot glue the piece together my partner stapled it together and then painted it blue

Step 4: Gloves

get some construction worker gloves that are blue and white and then use your paint to paint every white part to make it blue

Step 5: Legs

get the big cardboard piece and put your leg on top of it then cut a square piece around your feet then wrap it around your feet like before staple, glue, or hot glue then like in the picture cut an oval piece on the back so that your leg can bend also like in the picture cut a rectangle piece and your good.

Step 6: Foot

to do this part you would need to get a seprate piece of cardboard and wrap it around your foot after you wrap it around your foot paint it blue don't worry the cardboard will keep the shape of your hot glue or staple the foot part into the bottom of the leg but make sure you have space to put you foot in it.

Step 7: The Arm Blaster

first get a bottle 2 litter bottle and cut the bottom. then cut the drinking part off.then get a red plastic cup and cut the bottom off.then paint the bottle blue.then paint the side of the red cut part of the cup blue. then glue the cup to the front off the bottle.