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  • Dave54321 commented on F1X0R's instructable Tying a Munter Hitch and Belay Tips.5 months ago
    Tying a Munter Hitch and Belay Tips.

    Where is the meat of the instructable, the Video and pictures, none seen

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  • Dave54321 commented on Danger is my middle name's instructable How to Wash Your Dog2 years ago
    How to Wash Your Dog

    My dog has short fur and I wash her with a ozone generator that youcan purchase on Ebay for about 50 bucks. I put two cups of water into a glass bowl, warm it up in the micro and let the ozone gas bubblein the water for around ten minuets. The water has absorbed the ozonegas ( that kills bacteria ) and remains activated for a short time. Next youplace a sock on your hand , dip it in the water and wipe the dog downwith it. All you need to do to finish the dog washing is dry the dog and presto , no more dog oders.and you haven't put harsh chemical cleaners on their skin. Of course if the dog has rolled in oily or gross things like poo or something I would reccomend the instructable above to do the job.

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  • 3 wire trailer light converter to 4 wire vehicle

    for 21 bucks you get a semiconductor switch instead of a relay that does the same function. Of course it is hard to find a Radio Shackthese days as they are as scarce as hens teeth.

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