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  • Egyptian Jewelry: How To Make The Prince's Necklace

    Nice butfor comfort theauthentic item would have a counterweight on the clasp at the back to counter the weight of the collar at the front. This would frequently have been as ornate as the front collar but smaller. Having made and worn a beaded collar the counterweight was a necessity for comfort.

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  • Valkyrja'sW commented on HG2000's instructable 1860s Civil War Era Dress3 years ago
    1860s Civil War Era Dress

    Looks fabulous, congratulations on a well deserved win. Could you make it with the sleeves/shoulders more fitted as I find the slightly dropped shoulder seams where the sleeve joins uncomfortable and unflattering to the larger chested figure. Not sure how authentic the alterations would be. Again, congratulations on winning, well deserved.

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  • Valkyrja'sW commented on 1up Living's instructable Fuel Sausages3 years ago
    Fuel Sausages

    Another use is to stuff a toilet roll tube full of paper or other tubes and soak in melted wax left over from burning candles etc.. These are then left to set and cut into thirds to create fire starters for the fireplace or barbecue.

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  • Lavender Crochet Flower Headband

    Looks good and will try but the pattern should be corrected to 'repeat inside the parenthesis' 6 times and not 12, repeating 2 stitches 12 times and you end up with 24 (12 single crochet and 12 chain spaces) yet you plainly show only 6 of each in the photos. Confusing for the maker who will end up with a flower very different to yours (followed written instructions before going back and looking at photos to see where I had gone wrong).

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  • Summer sundress made from two circles of fabric

    ingenious, ideal for my daughter. Will be trying it out for her this summer. Constrasting colours would change the look as well, and for the good seamstresses adding in a zip would make getting it on and off easier

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