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  • msil3070 commented on msil3070's instructable Building a Wooden Boat

    Hi I used a number of references.. Making Verga's One Sheet Boat Instructable posted Aug 2010 is great preparation. I strongly recommend it.The books I found very handy were1. Small Boat Design and Construction. by John Teale ( Temple Press, London 1964 ) This is a great book for the maths and design principles..2. Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual by Iain Oughtred (Wooden Boat Books, Maine USA 1988) an all round handy book 3. Hartley's Guide to Boat Building by RT Hartley ( Nautical Services, Sydney Australia 1961 ) This is a bit of a unique book to Australia and might be hard to get elsewhere..

    Hi I'm sorry this is so late.. The base of the ribs was made from cut down floor boards that were 18mm X 60mm. The sides of the ribs started at 60mm and tapered to about 45mm..

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