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  • Recycled Wireless Door Lock (No Coding)

    Ok if you want a lock you can use, try a hidden magnetic latch & pull it back with a neodymium magnet. As long as no one knows it's a magnetic lock, you're perfectly safe.

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  • qdogg commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Fizzle Loop Synth II4 weeks ago
    Fizzle Loop Synth II

    About 40 years ago I built a high gain amp for a parabolic mic & had long wires between some components so there was lots of "motorboating", squeals, that sounded like this & more. Sorta like an involuntary synth! I like the skull knobs & the cigar box vibe. Right on.

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  • How to Fix Corroded Battery Terminals

    Potassium Hydroxide is a Base, not an acid. Sodium Bicarbonate is also basic.You can't neutralize bases with bases. People often call anything that corrodes an acid, but anyone that's ever spilled lye or Drano on themselves will rapidly attest that it burns just as efficiently as hydrochloric acid.

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  • Air Variable Capacitor From Scrap Aluminum Sheets

    This is a great "from scratch" piece. To those that say that commercial ones are hard to find, they are not, a web search will turn up lots of them, but you won't have the satisfaction of doing your own. With too much store bought stuff, making is reduced to assembling.

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  • qdogg commented on Left-field Designs's instructable Wireless Light to Sound1 year ago
    Wireless Light to Sound

    Hook a solar cell to a mini phone plug. Connect the plug to an audio amp. Stretch a balloon tightly across an end of an oatmeal box with the bottom & top removed. Glue a small mirror to the center of the balloon rubber. Reflect a bright light beam from the mirror onto the solar cell. Talk or play a recording into the oatmeal box. The sound will modulate the light and be reproduced at the amp.

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  • qdogg commented on seanhodgins's instructable Haunted Jack in the Box 1 year ago
    Haunted Jack in the Box

    Put a creepy looking Jack in there to replace the original & "antique" the outsideHave the music play backwards.Deaden the sound of the servo.Put in a vibrating motor to make it dance.Make Jack's head spin around.Make the camera lens part of the artwork & disguise the printed base.Have a tiny girl's voice cry 'mom-my' if someone touches it. Fix it so Jack doesn't pop till someone touches it.Great work! Just a few random ideas...

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  • qdogg commented on Patel Darshil's instructable Using Diode As a Solar Cell1 year ago
    Using Diode As a Solar Cell

    The tiny area of the diode = a very tiny output. You can also grind the case off a transistor to make a phototransistor .

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  • DIY Powdered Coffee Creamer Flamethrower!!

    Get an empty fire extinguisher. Unscrew the cap. Pour in 1/5 the extinguisher volume in lamp oil or paraffin. Reattach the cap & valve. Wrap some cotton around the end of a 12" 12 gauge wire and tape the bare end to the nozzle. This is the pilot light. Dip the wick in lamp oil. Use the rubber blow nozzle of an air compressor & press it hard against the extinguisher nozzle, squeeze the extinguisher handles & fill w/ 100psi air. Release the handles BEFORE stopping the air pressure. Light the wick, aim the nozzle in a safe direction, squeeze the handles. You'll get a 30 foot flame easily. Watch for cops.

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  • qdogg commented on Markwrig's instructable PiKon Telescope1 year ago
    PiKon Telescope

    What does the Raspberry Pi camera do that a conventional one doesn't? I'm not sure I get the whole concept. I've used a digital camera on my 10" reflector before w/ great results. Can the Pi be used w/ a stepper & gear drive to constitute a clock drive? An inexpensive clock unit would be a great thing.

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  • qdogg commented on seamster's instructable Make your own Kraft Paper Tubes1 year ago
    Make your own Kraft Paper Tubes

    How about using old school gummed back paper packing tape. I have 2 big rolls I got at a shipping supply place & all you do is moisten the back and wrap around the form. Some of this tape is reinforced with fiberglass threads. Also, you don't need to "precisely calculate the pre-cut lengths for each layer" in spiral winding as stated in a previous post unless you love math--just make them longer than you need & trim when dry.

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  • qdogg commented on randofo's instructable Easy Jacob's Ladder1 year ago
    Easy Jacob's Ladder

    Be aware that modern gas tube transformers are protected with a device that will no allow them to be used as a Jacob's Ladder. I found out the hard way by getting one at the salvage yard. I had to put in a request at a local sign co. and wait over a month for them to find an outtake from an old sign.

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  • qdogg commented on MiiBooth's instructable Homemade Flame Thrower (Video)1 year ago
    Homemade Flame Thrower (Video)

    That's small potatoes. Get an empty fire extinguisher. Unscrew the top. Pour in lamp oil till 1/5 full. Put top back on. Hold handles to open or spray position while injecting 100 psi compressed air thru nozzle. Release handles THEN remove air hose. Attach a straight 12" wire with a cotton wick on one end to the neck of the extinguisher so as to make a pilot light. The wick should be below the level of the nozzle. Dip the wick in lamp oil & light. Aim the nozzle (outdoors!) in a safe direction @ about a 45 angle & squeeze the handle. You should get a flame going out as far as 20-30 feet with a nice churning ball of fire at the end. Get ready to run like hell if anybody sees you!

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  • Ink Removal From Soda Cans

    Good idea! I've always used a torch & then some light buffing w/0000 steel wool & water, gotta be careful w/ overheating & discoloration though.

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  • qdogg commented on M3G's instructable Wrong Size Wrench? No Problem!1 year ago
    Wrong Size Wrench? No Problem!

    Pliers aren't called butcher tools for nothing, but they're ok in a pinch. Pinch? bwahhaha!

    Pliers aren't called butcher tools for nothing, but they're ok in a pinch-- (pun intended).

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  • qdogg commented on PiBorg's instructable Halloween painting with moving eyes1 year ago
    Halloween painting with moving eyes

    ‚ÄčAs a low tech alternative you could use ping pong balls cut in half w/ the concave side forward & cut to fit the eye openings. Paint eyes in the inside of the curve & hot glue to the back of the painting. Now the eyes will follow the viewer in any direction like those in the haunted mansion @ Disneyland. Great job though. Looks like fun!

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  • qdogg commented on 7-Factories's instructable Year Old Carpet Stains GONE2 years ago
    Year Old Carpet Stains GONE

    I used 3% peroxide on an old red juice stain, let it soak, then put a towel over it & used an iron to heat it. The stain was almost invisible after 2 or 3 treatments. You want the iron hot enough to make steam but not enough to scorch.

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  • qdogg commented on darbinorvar's instructable 12 Awesome Hot Glue Hacks2 years ago
    12 Awesome Hot Glue Hacks

    You can make fake spider webs by dribbling the glue into the airstream of a hair dryer. They even feel sticky but are pretty easy to clean up. Also upholstery is amazingly easy w/ HG and you can easily re-cover furniture.

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