Introduction: Mentos Geyser

the pic above is at my school the rest r at home this is a cool science project you can do at home i made this at my house for my science fair project and when i showed every one they where like OMG

Step 1: Supplies

at least 3 different types of soda has to be two leaders a measuring cup (optional) test tube at least two different types of mentos a index card a pencil to record data (optional) paper to write down data (optional) a video camera (optional)

Step 2: Put the Mentos in the Tube

rip the package off the mentos then put them in the tube.

Step 3: Unscrew Cap

unscrew the cap and put the card on the opening of the test tube then place the card and the test tube on the mouth of the bottle

Step 4: Shoot the Geyser

pull out the card and run back a few feet unless you want to be covered in soda. :D

Step 5: Watch It Shoot

it will shoot about 3-4 feet

Step 6: Measure

take the bottles inside and measure how much soda each bottle had left in it

Step 7: Compare

write down how much soda each bottle had left in it remember that the bottle with the least amount of soda left was the geyser that shot the highests

Step 8: Warnings

i am not responsible if you get in trouble,are covered in soda,wasted a lot of money,turned your grass brown,run out of soda,run out of mentos,or get yelled at by your neighbor.

Step 9: Reason

this explodes because the soda has carbon dioxide gas. when you open the bottle the gas can escape via gas bubbles.the mentos have pores and the gas bubbles get trapped in the pores then the gas tries to escape the candy coating pops off the mentos and all the soda tries to escape at one time witch makes the soda shoot out of the bottle.

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