Introduction: Metal Candy Cane

Today I will show you how to make a candy cane out of metal with an anvil, a forge, a clamp, and tongs.

Step 1: Heat and Twist

  1. Heat up the metal until it is a bright orange color.
    • WARNING:The metal even when black is hot. Do not touch!

  2. Place the end of the metal rod in a clamp.
  3. Twist the metal with the tongs (or large pliers) in a circular fashion
  4. Keep the tongs level to not bend the metal. You may need to heat the metal several times.

Step 2: Curl the End

To curl the end, either

  • Reheat the metal and place onto the anvil and curve around the horn.
  • Place back in the clamp and use the tongs/pliers to bend the metal.

Step 3: Finish

After you are happy with the design ( you may need to ad few more twists into the cane ) dip in cool water for a while. This is called quenching. After it cools, dry of thoughly to make shure it doesn't rust. Also rub it down with steel wool to make it smooth and to take away any rust. Finish with a primer and top coat enamel paint.

Step 4: Paint (optional)

  • Show your artistic side by painting it. The twists can be painted alternating colors for a true candy-cane stripe!
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