Introduction: Metal Cap Launcher

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This is an XXL version of compressed air spitball gun made from erasers .I don't like compress air so I used an old model of a little spring powered gun I made a long time ago . This version is bigger and can shoot some kind of fireworks . Sorry for the bright pictures , this is my first Instructables .

Step 1: What You Need

 You will need for this rocket launcher :
-metal or PVC pipe (any size will do)
-Crayola ® markers or any kind of pen that will fit in the pipe
- metal joint thingy's 
-duct tape
-metal stick (not on picture)

Step 2: Make the Carrot

 Duct tape the two pens together . You got the basic carrot ! The first carrot was made of a carrot and rotted in my gun so I replaced by a pen .

Step 3: Adding Power

 Your carrot doesn't have much power. Where gonna add some by duct tapping a spring on the top of it . Your carrot has now the power to launch bigger objects. 

Step 4: Make Ammo

 This is an easy step that go's fast . See if your metal bolt slides in the pipe easily . If so , had as much duct tape as you need till it sticks in . Your ammo is finished and you can shoot at your enemies !
Remember , if you do something stupid with it like shoot at a cop ,then it's not my fault .

Step 5: Setting It Up

 Now that your almost there , just stick the ammo in one side and put the carrot in the other side , spring facing the ammo . Now to fire , just stick the metal stick thru the pipe. The compressed spring will act lick the gas in a champagne bottle and will send the ammo flying across your room or garden .