Introduction: Metal Garden Obelisk

I found a CD stand at the thrift shop for a few dollars and envisioned a free standing metal garden obelisk.  Here's how I converted my thrift shop find.

Step 1:

So the stand is only 120cm tall.  I'm going to keep my eye open for taller stands.

Step 2: Remove Excess Wires

Remove some of the wires from the stand.  This will simplify the structure and allow plants to grow through.  I was able to remove most of the wires by just wiggling them.  Then, I used a hacksaw.  Because I wasn't using power tools, I only used eye protection.  Then I got impatient and bought a Dremal 4000 rotary tool.  So much faster!  Safety gear includes:  eye protection, and hearing protection.  FYI - cutting metal causes sparks so mark sure to work on this project away from flammable materials. 

Step 3: Bending Versus Cutting

Bending is cheaper but cutting is cleaner.  Bending the wires leaves ragged stubs.

Step 4: Using Power Tools

When using power tools, use eye protection, hearing protection, closed toe shoes and work in a well ventilated area.  You will be creating dust

Step 5: In the Garden

I'm going to add some embellishment to my new garden sculpture.  I may attached some pretty rocks or sea glass using wire or use some concrete and mirror tiles to the top bulb.  Your embellishments will depend on the stand that you find.  Because this garden feature will be left outside, I don't mind a little rust.  I didn't paint or otherwise finish the cut ends.