Introduction: Metal Wasps

this is a new version of the paper wasp and can really hurt and leave blisters.there are only a few things needed and i am not reasponcible for any of your actions. try not to kill anyone

Step 1: Supplies

you will need pliers that can cut wire, the wire (welding lead, get at hardware store), and a rubber band to launch it

Step 2: Cutting Wire

you will need to cut about an inch of wire

Step 3: Bending

this is the easy step, just put the wire in the pliers and it will bend in the middle. try to find pliers big enough

Step 4: Done

well, there you have it. just put around a rubber band and launch. p.s.- these things can really hurt and go far. i've shot them over 100 feet easy. as long as you kinda snap your hand foreward when you let the wasp go, it can really help.