Introduction: Mine Craft Mining Out Post

This is a out-post is cheap and fast to make. it has an incinerator, work bench, 4 furnaces, a mob defence trench,

Note: To add chest dig a 2 wide hole next to bed and put chest there.

Step 1: The Proper Place

Find a place that's suitable

.   Flat not that important you can make it flat.
low the lower it is the less you have to dig to get to bed rock and diamond.
(optional) near water if you want to use boats as transport

Step 2: The Lower Level

The lower level.

dig a hole 9x5 and 4 deep

place a layer at the bottom for the floor

put cobble on all of the walls and make a stair case

build a ceiling 

When done it should look like pic 2.

Step 3: The Defence

Dig a trench like the one shown two deep.

Go in side and remove the upper level of cobble so that you can see the bottom of the trench.

What this dose is any mobs that would be right by your door falls in and you can punch its legs but it cant hit you.

Step 4: Build Walls

Build some walls on to of the lower level you can make your windows how ever you want.

Step 5: Dont Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

build a ladder up your middle post

Build a 3 tall pillar on the other side of the trench then connect them with a piece of cobble

You can add a little 3 high "u" around the hole in the roof then put a door there.

Step 6: The Roof

build a roof on it

Step 7: The Fire Place

build a box next to the end of the stairs just build a 2 high pillar on the side of the stairs so you get somthing like this. put to neterrack at the back end and light it.

Step 8: Furnas Bed Work Bench

place the stuff where it is in the pic

Step 9: The Shaft

The mine shaft is just dug out of the wall I'll let you decide what you want to do.