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Building a house on Minecraft Pocket Edition can be daunting especially if your a new player or if your not shaw how you should design your house.

So what I thought I would do is make a house building tutorial.

This house has 3 large bedrooms, a large attic, two balconies, a large living room, kitchen and dining room.

Step 1:

Prepare the land and build the first level of wall, dig the grass floor out within the wall and replace with stone.

Step 2:

Next, build a frame on the wall, leave room for windows and a 1×2 gap for the door. At this stage the building will be 3 blocks high.

Step 3:

Next build a next floor 2 blocks high off the ground, so the ground floor will become 2 blocks high and it will have a roof.

then, put fence over part of the floor and begin to build walls like on the ground floor, this time, start using steps to build a roof on top of the first floor.

Step 4:

Next, build a wall and roof all over

Step 5:

Next, finish off all walls and add glass for windows and add a front door

Step 6:

Add a fence and some flowers using bone meal to the front of your house.

So that’s the end of this short tutorial on how to build a house. Now once you have built your house, you can decorate it. You can get furniture ideas here:

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