Introduction: Minecraft Secret Base

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so today we will be building a secret base in minecraft!

Step 1: Find Water

find some water. it does not need to be special.... just water

Step 2: Place Blocks

place 5 blocks in a + pattern and remove the middle one

Step 3: Dig! Dig! Dig!

you will want to dig down about 10 or so blocks deep, at the bottom put down a glowstone or jack o' lantern, just something for light but NOT a torch

Step 4: Dig Some More

dig a 2 long 2 high tunnel and then dig 2 up from that

Step 5: Read the Signs

inside you area at the bottom of your hole you want to put down signs all in the inside on all blocks 2 high exept for the 2nd block up from the ground in your little tunnel you made in the last step

Step 6: Make It Wet!

fill the empty space in your tunnel and then...

Step 7: Swim!

place one block of water above you head in the tunnel that leads to the pool of water you started in and...

Step 8: Swim Some More!

start swimming! swim up into your block of water you placed and when you are at the top of it then you will place another block of water on top and repeat till you are at the top. you can then destroy the blocks around your hole.

Step 9: Look!

see? you can hardly see the light from your glowstone!

Step 10: Dig!

go back down and in the opposite tunnel then the one you came in from swim up into the water and dig a 1x2 tunnel away from where you came in from (i put a glowstone next to my water so i could see better)

Step 11: Dig!

dig out a small room from your tunnel

Step 12: Decoration Time!

(quick decoration tip) take an item frame and put it on the wall, but a block of some sort in it, go on THE BLOCK BEHIND THE ITEM FRAME and place a torch (putting the torch on the block behind the item frame is the key!)

Step 13:

go back up to the pool of water and...

Step 14: Disguise! (hmm.. Nice Mustache)

disguise!! use some grass, sugar cane and lilypads to disguise you secret base and make it more.... well.... secret..