Minecraft Teamate Blow Up

Introduction: Minecraft Teamate Blow Up

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ok so this is a cool way to trick your friend/teamate/enemy BLOW UP

Step 1: Preperation

do not do this in a fancy house or something that you do not want to BLOW UP

dig 2 spaces down into the ground.

Step 2: TNT Time

place either 2 peices of TNT next to eachother or one depending on how many chests

Step 3: Topping

add the normal floor on top of the TNT so its discreat

Step 4: Chest Time

place a "TRAPPED CHEST" on top of the floor above the TNT

Step 5: CABOOM TIME !!

wait for your participant to open the chest

smile at your self because you are evil :D

Step 6: Important Notice

I done this on xbox

update TU19

I finally got a camera guys :D
not a good one but you can see the image thanks instructibles !!!
thankyou !!!

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