Introduction: Mini Cheap Ac to Dc Converter

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this one is an ac to dc costed me only a few dollars.just the cost of four is very easy and no trouble for soldering. so i want to share it with you lets get started

Step 1: Ingredients

things needed:
1)four diodes of any size

tools needed:
thats all you need

Step 2: Information About Diode

diode is a electronic ingredient that helps electricity flow in one way.there are two leads one positive and other negative.onthe diode one one side there is a white coloured small band.that is the negative side of diode .a hand drawn figure of it is given below

Step 3: The Diagram of the Circuit

this is the drawing of the circuit.the circuit can be made using this diagram even easier

Step 4: The Main Circuit

firstly take the first diode and second diode and join their negative leads together.lets name this negative sides.just name.

Step 5:

now take the 3rd and 4th diode and join their positive sides together as shown,lets name this end positive end

Step 6:

now take the four diodes.there are two free ends one the first and second diode that is the two positive join these positive ends to the free negative  ends of the 3rd and 4th in the picture now lets name these ac leads

Step 7: Identifiying the Poles

the circuit is complete.the joining place that was named ac leads are the ac electricity are to be given through these two ends.the end named negative side is the positive dc output that is positive dc electricity will come out of it.and the end named positive side is the negative dc output.that is negative dc electricity will come out of your ac to dc converter is ready.have fun with it
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