Introduction: Mini Potato Launcher

mini launcher, cheap to build and fires up to 30m!

Step 1: Parts

-2 bottles -(coca-cola)
-piezo (lighters off bbq's)
-texter or pen (connectoer pens work best)
-pvc glue
-2 screws
-tape (i used making tape, it works better)
-1 inch pvc pipe
-lynx deodourant ( or a cheap copy )

Step 2: Putting Together or Construction

1. Cut 4 to 6 inches of (1 inch) pvc pipe. It won't matter how long, but I made mine about 5 inch.
2. Then cut away the thread and rib of the bottles ( where the lid screws on, include the whole thread and rib).
3. In one of the lids, cut a hole just big enough fo the pen to push into(with force).
4. Glue the pen into the lid
5. Once that dries, glue the bottle threads inside the pipe. ( u may need to file the rib at the end of the thread, so that it will fit into the pipe).
6. Now make sure the lids screw on
7. drill two holes in the pipe, and screw in the ...screws. check that they are about half a cm from touching each other inside. because the spark from the piezo has to jump across the screws to ignite the gas.
8. screw the cables from your piezo to the screws on the pipe

Step 3: Aim..... Fire!

!!!!!!Make sure the glue is dry b4 testing!!!!!!

-to fire
1. push the end of the pen into a potato, then make sure the potato is pushed down further into the pen.
2. unscrew the lid on the opposing side
3. get some deodourant, body spray type works better than powder.
4. spray some deodourant inside the pipe, when spraying- hold can 6inches away from pipe ( this makes sure the gas, oxygen and the liquid are put inside) trust me, u need all three.
5. put the cap back on quickly, aim and fire by pushing the button on your piezo.

-- my one shoots about 25 meters, depending on what type of deodourant is used. (some work better than others)

~If u make this instructable, please note that I will not be held responsible for any injuries. one more thing, dont use ball bearings! wink, wink. they are dangerous!