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Introduction: Mini Sculpting Table

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  i have broke my hard disk  brushless motor when i want to make grinder and some time i make small sculpt, so i decide to make small turn table.

you will need :

1. broken HDD brushless motor 
2. i used six unreadable cd / dvd
3. epoxy glue
4. reuseable adhesive for poster

tool i used :
1. torx screw driver 
2. solder.
3. quick release clamp

Step 1: Disassemble Motor

first, you need to disassemble hard disk motor disk ( sorry, mine has been disassemble from hard disk, so you need release your motor from hard disk first)

Step 2: Make Base

clamp several cd / dvd , i used six  cd /dvd (broken one, prefer)

Step 3: Solrdered Cd/dvd

i use solder to weld cd/dvd in the outer part, make some line with hot solder tip until melt plastic ( i make 10 point).
you can glue sandwich, if you want. i weld disk because this quick and strong enough for me.

Step 4: Add Motor to Base

now glue motor with epoxy to cd base

Step 5: Final

get disk plate on motor with unreuseable adhesive (i do this because i want disk plate able to quick release), or you can use double tape, hot glue etc

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the tips, I wanted to use my hard drive to sharpen my small blades. I didn't like the grinder's listed on other instructiables. I was thanking of using my old cd's with sandpaper. You gave me an idea of using the cd's and motor parts to make my project. - Thank You.