Introduction: Mini Valentine Box

About: hi !! I m a college going student , interested in trying out all new things with paper . I love to make paper flowers , roses & bouquets :)
Hello everyone !! This is my 1st instructable and I am going to show you how to make a cute tiny valentine box . This is a kind of exploding box .Hope u'll like this . Please do not forget to vote for it in the purple contest ! :)
To make this valentine box , you will need :
1) Thick paper (any 2 colors of your choice )-purple & white
2) pencil
3) pair of scissors
4) craft wire
5) measuring scale
6) hot glue (or fevicol )
7) thin satin ribbon (for decoration)
8) net cloth (for decoration )

Step 1:

Draw a square (6 cm * 6 cm ) on purple sheet and cut it out neatly . Do the same on white sheet

Step 2:

On the purple square draw 2 lines , one at a distance of 2 cm from the left edge (of the square) & parallel to it and the other one at a distance of 4 cm from the left edge . Rotate the square by 90 degrees and repeat the procedure . Do this on white square too .If you have done it correctly , u'll see 9 small squares in the bigger square.

Step 3:

Cut off the 4 corner small squares of both (6 cm * 6 cm ) purple and white squares . Now reduce the size of 3 edges of each of the 4 outer squares by 2 mm (as shown in pic 2 ) . Glue the white paper piece over the purple one & one they are firmly stuck lift the 4 outer squares (as shown in pic 3 ) . Using craft wire make the message u want to express :)  (as shown in pic 4 ).

Step 4:

For decorating , we use purple paper to make flowers . 
1) Draw a spiral on the sheet.
2) using a pair of scissors cut it along the spiral drawn.
3) Start rolling it from its outer end.
4) At the end , put a dab of glue and ensure it stays properly.
Make few such flowers ( I made 6 ).
Now paste the craft wire message u just made on the purple+white '+' structure . Decorate it by pasting the flowers (as shown in pic ).

Step 5:

Now for making cap or lid , cut another 6 cm * 6 cm purple square . Mark 9 squares as done earlier . 
NOTE : For lid , make sure that the centre square is larger than 2 cm * 2 cm square .
Mark the centres of outer squares & join them so that it will form a 5 cm *5 cm square ( as shown in 1 pic ).
Now holding the 6 cm *6 cm square , make a cut only at the vertical line of the bottom most left square(as shown in 2 pic ).
Now rotate it by 90 degrees & repeat the same procedure. This is done for 4 times on the whole .
Cut along the 5 cm * 5 cm square marked earlier . Keeping the the centre square as the base , lift the outer flaps up ,so that u'll get something as shown in 3 pic.
Keeping the smaller flaps inside paste them properly (as shown in 4 pic ).

Step 6:

Now decorate the lid with satin ribbon . Place the lid on the '+' structure. Wrap it up in a net cloth and tie it on the top .

I'm sure any girl would love this :)
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