Introduction: Miniature Hover Board by Magnetic Levitation

lets make a miniature hover board at our house

Step 1:


1. 4 permanent magnets (minimum)

2. some pieces of card board

3. duct tape or ordinary tape

4. ruler

Step 2:


draw a rough sketch of a hover board in a card board and cut out the structure.

i have taken 15*7 cm.take

tape two magnets below the board of distance 10 cm between them

Step 3:


take a longer piece of cardboard and tape two magnets of distance of 10 cm between them

(check whether the magnets taped to the hover board and repel the magnets taped to the platform)

if you have more magnets,tape it to the platform in such way that they repel the magnets of the hover board for better levitation.

Step 4:

take a card board like the one shown in the image.

keep the platform on the card board and balance the hover board on the platform.

and now it floats

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