Introduction: Mobile 12 Volt Power Source

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Finished product. Made from old 12 volt grease gun

Step 1: Here We Go!

first thing we need is a old drill or 12 volt cordless tool
parts and tools:
bandsaw or other means of cutting plastic
deburring tool
butt connectors
alligator clips
Like most people I cannot throw away stuff. This tool came into being because I needed a power source to test a power window kit in a custom car build we are doing. Now that is complete I can see a few more uses for a compact 12 volt power source:auto wrecking yards,swap meets are just a couple I am sure. This is my first instructable so feedback is appreciated!!

Step 2: Disassembly

Just like title. Carefully remove the screws and fasteners that hold the unit together. Keep all the hardware untill we are done as we will need some to put unit back together. At this point remove the lead wires from whatever motor is in the unit. Simple right?

Step 3: Cut the Housing and Reassmble

Now that you cut the housing at the appropriate spots for your application re-install the trigger and other battery lead parts. Once re-assembled find a good spot for your leads to come out of handle.

Step 4: Glue Dust Cover and Sand All Rough Edges

I used a piece of the body which was scrap and made a dust cover for the top of the tool. Glue on only half of handle so it can be taken apart if need be. At this point I removed all redundant plastic to make unit as small as possible . Sand all the rough edges.

Step 5: Add Clips and Longer Wires

Now just add a few wires and clips and charge the battery!!So far this has worked quite well and I am very pleased with the result. I did not make it to be pretty just to work and it does!!Hope you are inspired to do something with the old junk in your shop!

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